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RTP application



In fabrication processes

for thermal treatment processes such as annealing materials(metal, nonmetal, oxide, and ceramic), alloying silicide, ohmic contact alloying to reduce contact resistance, recrystallization of damaged crystalline materials, activating injected impurities, adhesion increment of thin films, crystalization of thin films, and glass reflow.


  • semiconductors such as Si-based semiconductor devices(CMOS, MOSFET, FinFET), compound(SiC, GaN)- based semiconductor devices, and optical components(micro LED, photovoltaic cell(Si PV, perovskite PV, CIGS PV)
  • display devices such as QD(quantum dot) and OLED
  • sensors such as gas sensor, proximity sensor, touch sensor, acceleration sensor, pressure sensor, and temperature-humidity sensor
  • Bio & medical & battery & secondary cell