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Grapnene/MoS2/WS2/CNT/SiGe/SiC CVD system


  • Materials
  • Silicon nano wire growing
  • WS2 CVD
  • Carbon nano tube CVD
  • SiC epitaxy
  • Gate side wall insulation
  • Surface passivation of III-V transistors and lasers
  • a-Si:H thin film
  • PTFE
  • Diamond-like coatings
  • H radicals
  • SiNx gas barrier film
  • Polymer/SiNx or SiOx multilayer gas barrier coating


  • Si ULSI
  • High speed compound semiconductor devices
  • PV (thin film cells and silicon heterojunction passivation)
  • Display : TFT-LCD & OLED
  • photocopier drums
  • Low friction surfaces, protective coatings, medical implants
  • Thermal conductivity substrates in CMOS; hard coating for cutting tools
  • Dry etching, photoresist removal, treatment of ink-jet metal prints, and surface cleaning
  • Food packaging